Day Trips

Spend a lavish, leisurely day
in a village where time passes pleasantly.

Hatago is great for day trips, too.
Come to a place of abundant nature lined with historical homes.
Treat yourself to a relaxing extravagant time experiencing ancient artistry of Japan,
hot springs, and local delicacies.

Day trip (sightseeing, bathing)

Stroll through Kayabuki no Sato
and fully enjoy the bathhouses of Yakushi Onsen

Travel back in time while in the village of thatched-roof houses
moved from various sites across Japan.
The setting evokes an atmosphere of yesteryear.
Explore the unspoiled landscape of the good old days of Japan
and the many items on display from days past.
When you have tired from the stroll, find your way to the bathhouses of Hatago.

Village Hours
Bathing Hours
Bathing set
Adults 1,100 yen (tax incl.)
Elementary school children 550 yen (tax incl.)
*The bathing set includes the village admission fee.

Residents of Higashiagatsuma Town can use the discount price.
*Please show ID at entry.
Adults 550 yen (tax incl.)
Elementary school children 330 yen (tax incl.)
Village admission (sightseeing)
Adults 550 yen (tax incl.)
Elementary school children 330 yen (tax incl.)
Face towel (for sale) 330 yen (tax incl.)
Bath towel (rental) 440 yen (tax incl.)
/110 yen refunded upon return
Rest areas There are no private rooms or rooms to rent for resting

Bathhouses available for use

  • Takimi no Yu

    Bathe in this open-air bath and take pleasure in the sound of the murmuring Nuru River that reflects the four seasons. The picturesque onsen overlooks a waterfall.


  • Yakushi no Yu

    A natural hot spring with water flowing directly from the source.



Onsen & Meal Plan

Spend a special day soaking up the history of Kayabuki no Sato,
bathing in hot springs, and enjoying local dishes.

The budget-conscious plan bundles sightseeing in Kayabuki no Sato, bathing, and a meal.
Saunter through the village of thatched-roof houses
and view displays of old everyday tools and folk toys.
Then, soothe away your fatigue at a bathhouse
and delight in an earnestly prepared meal of local foods.

*The Onsen & Meal Plan is available by reservation only.

Meals at restaurants (Hamada Family Residence/Kobayashi Family Residence; reservation required)

  • Hatago specialty! Jyoshu Irori Kaiseki

  • Joshu Beef Sukuyaki set meal

  • Joshu Akagi Chicken Udon Sukiyaki


Meals not requiring a reservation

Hatago Curry

1,650 yen (tax incl.)