Immerse yourself, heedless of time,
in the enduring nature, history,
and culture of Japan that still remain.

Clear waters flow from
Mt. Asamakakushi.
Hatago is nestled there, a hot spring resort steeped in nature and time.

Exquisite air. Pleasant breezes.
The nostalgic, unspoiled landscape of Japan welcomes you to the extraordinary.

Craftsmanship and Japanese culture that should be retained are still protected today and live on in this village.

Valuable items filled with history, such as antique chests, have been collected from throughout Japan.

Is this a Japanese-style inn?
Or is it a museum?
Here, you will find authentic beauty everywhere you turn.
The work of artisans.

Discover an extravagant experience encountering the warm richness of those who lived in that past.

There is an abundance of Japanese traditional culture, including old-fashioned pastimes and festivals in every season.