All rooms at Yakushi Onsen Hatago feature age-old furniture and antiques from as far back as the Edo era. Many of these antiquities are displayed in their natural working environments, which only adds to the historical feel of the place.

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Escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city in the serene comfort of Yasuragi-kan. This unique Japanese-style accommodation features a medicinal bath that is partially open-air and made entirely from wood.

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Seseragi-Kan Nagai-jyuku

Seseragi-Kan - Nagai-jyuku

Nagai-jyuku is the largest room in the complex, boasting two Japanese-style rooms and a living room designed around an irori (traditional central fireplace). This room features a relaxing open-air bath, which overlooks the nearby waterfall.

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Seseragi-Kan Oozasa-jyuku

Seseragi-Kan - Oozasa-jyuku

Oozasa-jyuku is second largest room in the complex. It also features an open-air bath.

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Seseragi-Kan Tsukahara-jyuku

Seseragi-Kan - Tsukahara-jyuku

Tsukahara-jyuku is unusual for a Japanese guest room in the sense that it is designed on split-levels and features a loft. An antique staircase chest is used to access the mezzanine floor, from where you can take in the stars on a clear night.

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Seseragi-Kan Kamiyama-jyuku

Seseragi-Kan - Kamiyama-jyuku

Kamiyama-jyuku is a Japanese-style room, irori-noma (living room with a fireplace) and hallway. The highlight of this room is the windows that have been set into two separate walls, allowing guests to view the thatched roofs outside.

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Seseragi-Kan Kariyado

Seseragi-Kan - Kariyado

Kariyado also features a Japanese-style room and irori-noma (living room with a fireplace). These rooms are so quiet, guests are able to hear the sound of the river outside.

¥22,000~ Book this room