Transportation and Access

Access by train or car

For details, please check the Access page.

Train station shuttle bus

A free shuttle bus service is available for overnight guests. *Reservations must be made at least two days prior to your stay.
The shuttle bus leaves from the JR Agatsuma Line Nakanojo Station at 14:20 and 16:10.
The shuttle bus leaves from Hatago at 10:50 and 12:30.
For details, please check the Access page.

Hours, Reservations, and Payment

Can I use a credit card?

Yes. JCB, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, UC, DC, Diners, and Saison credit cards can be used. Only lump-sum payments are accepted.

What are the check-in and checkout times?

Usually, check-in is from 15:00 and checkout is by 10:00. They are subject to change, depending on the accommodation plan.

Bath tax

Overnight guests aged 12 and over are charged an additional on-site bath tax of 150 yen.

Child fees

Elementary school children (meals are same as for adults; use of bedding): 70% of adult fee
Preschoolers (meals from the kid’s menu; use of bedding): 50% of adult fee
Preschoolers (with meals/no bedding) or (no meals/use of bedding): 30% of adult fee
Up to age 3 (no meals/bedding/amenities/towels): 1,100 yen (tax incl.)
*Children under 1 year are free.

When is the cancellation fee incurred?

The cancellation fee is incurred as follows.

Cancellation date Day of stay (without notice) Day of stay (with notice) 1 day in advance 2 days in advance 3–6 days in advance 7 days in advance
Cancellation fee 100% 100% 50% 30% 20% 10%
Cancellation Cancellation fee
Day of stay(without notice) 100%
Day of stay(with notice) 100%
1 day in advance 50%
2 days in advance 30%
3–6 days in advance 20%
7 days in advance 10%

Is it okay to arrive early?

Kayabuki no Sato opens at 10:00, so arriving early is okay. You can tour the various facilities.

What is the fee for a private bath and how do I reserve one?

It is 2,200 yen (tax incl.) for each use of 40 minutes. Reservations are accepted at check-in.
Private baths are only available for overnight guests.

Facilities and Services

Day-trip bathing

The baths are also open to day-trip guests. For more information, please check the Day Trips page.

Can I order a cake?

Guests can use “cake.jp,” an online ordering system that delivers cakes directly to this facility. Click here for details and to make arrangements.
Orders are also accepted by telephone for persons unable to use the internet. You will be asked about the size and a message, so please be sure to order a week before the desired delivery date.

Is there a parking lot?

Parking is available free of charge. Generally, reserving a parking space is not necessary for either day-trip or overnight guests, but when arriving in several vehicles, please contact us in advance out of caution.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes. Your pet is not permitted to stay with you in your guestroom, but there is a kennel for pets. Please be aware that you cannot bring your pet into the facility’s communal spaces or lodging area and guestrooms, or stay in the guestroom with your pet.
Vaccinated dogs and cats are permitted to stay overnight (pets that bark/vocalize at night or are in heat are prohibited). The guest (pet owner) is responsible for taking care of the animal.
Fee: 2,750 yen per night (tax incl.) per cage Meals: You must bring pet food, pet dishes, and other necessities for your pet.
Kennel: Equipped with air conditioning, shower You will be given a key to the cage. The cages are not the small cages often found in pet hotels. Other: Be sure to check that there is an available cage before arriving with your pet (Tel: +81-279-69-2422).
*You will be shown a side entrance accessible from outside the building for taking your pet in and out for walks, etc.
*Please check the pet kennel terms of service here.

Can I eat lunch or dinner in a private room?

We accept requests for private dining at dinnertime, but may not be able to accommodate the request, depending on how many reservations we have on that day. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you accommodate food allergies?

Yes. To the extent possible, we will accommodate guests by serving different dishes. If you have an allergy that must be accommodated, please inform us when you make a reservation or after making a reservation.
Be sure to contact us in advance, as we are unable to make accommodations when informed on the day of arrival.

Are meals served in the guestrooms?

Meals for overnight guests are served in the restaurants in the thatched-roof buildings.

Guestroom Amenities and Facilities

Usually, for each guest, one yukata, one set of samue, a bath towel, a face towel, tabi socks, a toothbrush set, a razor (men’s), a shower cap (women’s), a hanten coat, and geta clogs are provided in the guestrooms. There are also amenities such as facial lotion, emulsion, and a hair dryer in the guestrooms.

Is karaoke available?

There is karaoke available at Kurado in the village. Reservations are accepted at the reception desk on a first-come,-first-served basis.

Is it a natural hot spring water? Can the baths be used 24 hours a day?

The large public bath, Yakushi no Yu and open-air bath, Takimi no Yu have natural spring water that flows directly from the hot spring source.
The baths are open for overnight guests 15:00–24:00 / 6:00–10:00, and 11:00–14:00 for daytime guests.

Is Yakushi Onsen a single inn?

Yakushi Onsen Hatago is a single, secluded hot spring inn. There are other hot spring inns in the vicinity, but they are separate inns with different spring sources and facilities.

Yasuragi-kan soundproofing

The soundproofing is not perfect since Yasuragi-kan is a wooden structure. Sounds from neighboring rooms and footsteps from the floor above may be audible.

Furusato Nozei (hometown tax)

Overnight accommodations at our inn are being used as “thank-you gifts” for the Higashiagatsuma hometown tax. —Illustration of procedure leading up to reservation—


*For details on the hometown tax, please view the Furusato Nozei system on the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ website. *If you wish to pay the tax, please view the various sites below.
Furusato Choice Rakuten Furusato Nozei Furunavi auPay

I have a tattoo. Can I use the baths?

We apologize. Persons with a tattoo are prohibited from using the baths.