Taking time and effort for careful preparation,
guests are welcomed with cuisine
made from seasonal ingredients.

Each dish is mindfully made and beneficial to the body.
Sit around an irori (traditional sunken hearth) and partake in the flavors of fresh,
local foods to enjoy a rich experience unique to Hatago.


Kayabuki Kaiseki

The full-course dinner prepared with local seasonal ingredients features a menu that changes with the seasons.


Irori Kaiseki

This is Hatago’s full-course dinner eaten around a sunken hearth. Since guests roast the foods themselves in the sunken hearth, they are in control of roasting them to their liking and can eat at their own pace.



A Japanese-style breakfast made with select local ingredients makes for a delicious start to your day that won't weigh you down.Enjoy healthy dishes of delicious seasonal flavors.

Children’s meals

This is an example of a child’s meal.
Dishes differ, depending on the season and availability.
Thank you for your understanding.


Kobayashi Family Residence

Moved from the town of Nakanojo in Gunma Prefecture, this house was built in 1870 by Seiemon Kobayashi, the village headman during the Edo period. It remained the residence of his successors until 1998. The thatched roof is typical of a farmhouse building with a square shape divided into four equal quarters.

Hamada Family Residence

Over a two-year period, the building was moved from the town of Mashiko in Tochigi Prefecture, which is famous for Mashiko ware. Shoji Hamada, ceramic artist and living national treasure, and his second son Shinsaku built this thatched-roof house spanning approximately 290 square meters. It also features a gallery for artworks by Shoji Hamada, his son Shinsaku, and his grandson Tomoo.

Meals are served in these thatched-roof buildings. Reservations are not accepted.
Please be aware that seating is provided upon arrival.
(Please contact us in advance about seating for persons with disabilities.)

To guests with a food allergy

We will accommodate guests by serving different dishes to the extent possible.
If you have an allergy that must be accommodated, please inform us when you make a reservation or after making a reservation.
Be sure to contact us in advance, as we are unable to make accommodations when informed on the day of arrival.