Hot Springs

This mineral-rich natural hot spring
has been flowing since the Edo period.

Take in the natural beauty of the Nuru River flowing before you,
and reflection of the mountain stream in the bath water.
The pride of Hatago is our hot spring bath and its unique expressions
across the four seasons.
The spring waters are gentle to the skin and slowly soothe away the fatigue of travel.

Takimi no Yu

Bathe in this open-air bath and take pleasure in the sound of the murmuring Nuru River that reflects the four seasons. Enjoy the scenery of new greenery in spring and summer, autumn leaves in fall, and snow in winter. Take your time and delight in the magical landscape that is illuminated at night.

Bathing hours Overnight Guests:
15:00–24:00 / 6:00–10:00
Daytime Guests:

Yakushi no Yu

A natural hot spring with water flowing directly from the source.
Bathe in the abundance of natural spring water, a gift from the earth.
There is also a “neyu” bath where you can lie down and a germanium bath.

Bathing hours Overnight Guests:
15:00–24:00 / 6:00–10:00
Daytime Guests:

Private baths

Guests can use the Yasuragi no Yu and the Kutsurogi no Yu(cypress bath and jacuzzi). Have an amazing view of the murmuring Nuru River below all to yourself.
*The private baths are not hot spring baths.

Bathing hours Overnight Guests:
From 16:00 on the day of arrival / from 6:00 the next day
*Limited to overnight guests only

Fee for use 2,200 yen (tax incl.) per use (40 min.)

Yakushi Onsen

Yakushi Onsen is a natural hot spring that has been flowing in this area for over 200 years. It is said to have been discovered by a traveling ascetic monk, Onsenbo Yumyo in 1793. Guests can also use Takimi no Yu and Yakushi no Yu for day trips.

*Persons with a tattoo are prohibited from using the baths.

Hot spring water benefits

Spring quality
Naturally flowing hot spring
Temperature: 40.8°C (neutral, hypotonic, high-temperature spring)
Sodium-calcium-chloride/sulfate springs, pH 7.1
Beneficial for
Neuralgia, muscle soreness, joint pain, stiff shoulders, motor paralysis, joint stiffness, bruising, sprains,
chronic digestive diseases, hemorrhoids, cold sensitivity, post-illness convalescence, recovery from fatigue,
health promotion,cuts, burns, chronic skin disorders, infirm children, chronic female disorders, arteriosclerosis