In the foothills of Mt. Asamakakushi.
A small town hidden away.

Relaxing. Comfortable. Where you can soak in the flow of time.
The time you spend here
fills you with a pleasant,
somewhat nostalgic feeling.
The history and culture
that Japan and its people have long nurtured
are still alive and well here.


Flowing alongside the town is the Nuru River.
This pristine stream from Mt. Asamakakushi
serves as the life force of our inn.
“The water is good, and the air is clean.”
This location was chosen based on these very simple conditions,
and a number of historic houses were relocated from across Japan
to create a truly unique townscape.

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A variety of spaces are available in our guestrooms,
each one designed with painstaking attention to detail to give it its own personality,
from rooms with a Japanese cypress half-open-air bath,
to rooms overlooking the waterfall and valley of the Nuru River,
and even rooms with a traditional Japanese sunken hearth.
The rooms are furnished with antique furniture to create a space
where time flows in the gentle manner of olden times,
allowing you to relax fully and completely.

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The cuisine we serve at our inn is prepared
using a variety of fresh, locally grown ingredients.
We create dishes with care and dedication
to bring the most delicious flavors
out of the seasonal ingredients that we use throughout the year.

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Hot Springs

Yakushi Onsen is a natural hot spring that has been flowing forth
from the ground for more than 200 years.
You can also visit the baths of Takimi no Yu and Yakushi no Yu on day trips.

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