Ensure you, your family and your friends have a day to remember by holding your wedding ceremony at Kayabuki no Sato Yakushi Onsen Hatago. As far as intimate settings go, you will struggle to find a location in Japan that is more fitting for a wedding. The atmosphere exudes tradition and the thatched-roofs of the Kayabuki provide a superb backdrop for your wedding portraits. Your guests are able to stay overnight for their convenience and the hotel promises to ensure that every need is attended to. The finest seasonal cuisine is prepared in the kitchen, and served irori style in the traditional manner. We are able to arrange a unique parade through the village for the wedding party that will allow all guests to take in this very special occasion.

We hold a Bridal Fair throughout the year, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive any more information.

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Eight reasons to hold a wedding at Kayabuki no Sato Yakushi Onsen Hatago

Taking photos in located in the mountains of Gunma, Yakushi Onsen Hatago realized fairly early on the piece. The traditional setting is sure to create a special bond between the bride and groom on their wedding day. Japanese clothing that add the bright atomosphere in the wedding. it would be possible to rent it, if you would like to. Yakushi Gansho (the place where the official ceremony is held) is located inside the thatched Kimura House and boasts a heart-shaped crest. The bride and groom are encouraged to get involved in all aspects of the wedding ceremony during planning stages. The hotel is able to arrange for Gagaku (the traditional court music of Japan) to be played during the wedding parade. Shinzen Shiki is imitate Christian wedding Style. so in a sence, it could be European style. Celebrate bride and groom and prod sticky rice cake. Kagami hiraki is event that pray families, friends, and every relations perfection.