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Kayabuki no Sato YakushiOnsen Hatago Policy of Individual Information

Individual Infotmation Protection Manager
Kayabuki no Sato YakushiOnsen Hatago
TEL 0279-69-2422
1.The purpose of usign Individual Information
Kayabuki no Sato YakushiOnsen Hatago (hereinafter referred to as “Hatago” ) use Individual Information for the following reasons.
 ・To Comfirm and contacnt reservation and applying.
 ・The guidance of exhibition and other service
 ・To charge price of use
 ・Answering inqure from custmers
2.About proposal Individual Information to the third party
Hatago does not use or proposal individual information without principal's agreement, except in case of it is possible to intimidate principal and public life, health and properties or based on law.
3.Setting aside of Individual Information
In case of Setting aside individual information it will be held under our strictly management system.
4.Taking the procedure of disclosure and correction
If you need to disclosure, correction and delating of individual information, please contact to our individual information counter.
5.The result of principal will not provide correct infomation
Please fill the blank which is requred. If customer name, address, and telephone number are incorrect, the dealing and contact would not be taken normaly.
6.Taking Individual Information of the way to not recognize for principal
Hatago does not take the individual information using cookie or webeacon

Inquiries of the handling individual information
4-2-20 Nakamachi Urawa-ku Saitama City Saitama In Japan 330-0062
ECO KEIKAKU CO.,LTD. Individual Information Inquiries Counter
TEL:  048-862-5011 FAX: 048-864-4821

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